Terms & Conditions

Behavior in our vehicle

When traveling with Evousine Limo, the User must adhere to the following behavioral requirements. All passengers must abide by the rules of the applicable Road Traffic Act throughout the entire booked ride, including the seat belt rules. You must abide with any directions issued by Evousine. Evousine is in charge of ensuring a secure ride. Therefore, it is against the law for passengers to open the doors while the car is in motion, throw anything out, poke their bodies out, or shout from inside. A brief tutorial from Evousine is needed if the User wants to use any of the equipment or amenities in the car. Inside the vehicle’s passenger compartment, smoking & alcohol is not permitted. Food consumption is not encouraged.

Payment conditions and transaction costs

Payment has to be done in advance for the journey. Cash or a credit card can be used by the User to pay for their reserved ride. Evousine carries accidental credit card charges. The User is responsible for paying any transaction costs associated with bank transfers (such as those resulting from using other currencies or local accounts).

Liability Principles

Damaging property is never allowed and is unacceptable. Evousine is not responsible for any damage done to the property by the User.  Casualties such as trashing a phone or tablet, purposefully spilling food or drink, smoking in a car,  causing collateral damage to a property, or vomiting as a result of excessive alcohol intake or other causes. Aside from normal wear and tear, you are liable for any costs associated with cleaning and repairs if you cause damage to property.

Lost Item

It is the customer’s responsibility to check their belongings before leaving the car. Evousine doesn’t hold any responsibility for the lost items. 

Sexual harassment and assault

Everybody values their privacy and personal space and it’s important to respect it. It’s acceptable to converse politely with other individuals. However, please refrain from making remarks such as on someone’s appearance or inquiring about their marital status. Any form of sexual behavior or assault is forbidden. The terms “sexual assault" and “misconduct" refer to sexual action or contact without the other person’s express consent. 

Evousine has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and assault. Our drivers follows it too and respects riders privacy and personal space. We accept the same from our users/customers too.