Privacy Policy

Evousine Limo Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to Evousine Limo, thus we take it seriously. As a result, we go into more detail about our privacy policy so that you may understand how we use, collect, interact with, and make use of the personal information of our clients. We provide a privacy policy to ensure that your expectations and how we achieve our goals are aligned, as well as to inform you of your options for how we use and disclose the personal information you provide us.

Information Gathered From You

To utilize, participate in, and interact with our services and programs, we collect all of your personal information. Such involvement has the advantage that you can subscribe to our products, make information requests, do quizzes, answer surveys, cast votes, and, last but not least, take part in our online forums.

We also gather data about your hobbies and viewpoints, both personally and professionally.  You can also provide us with others’ data to make them nominate for an industry awkward.

When you open our email or website, our partners, advertisers, advertising networks, and other third-party service providers might also gather your non-personal data in addition to the information you give us. The type of search engine you are using, your IP address, location-based information, and the material you are reading on your displays are all included in this data. This information can be linked to a few additional sources as well.

Information Security

In order to protect your data and lower the chance of data leakage, Evousine Limo implements organizational and technical security measures. Your data is transferred using an encrypted form between your smartphone and Evousine Limo.

Evousine Limo advises using mail or secure email for communications involving confidential information.

How We Use The Gathered Information?

To deliver the services, products, and programs you requested, we use the personal data you submit. When you sign up for our agreement, subscribers and registrants get in touch with us by phone or email to ask questions regarding the registration procedures. Following that, we receive them for renewal, surveys, updates, services, and promotional offers.

By clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, you can stop receiving the newsletter at any time.

All of the data we gather is used to enhance the content of our web pages, layout them, and alert users to modifications. However, if there are promotions or offers that our co-sponsors provide, we may present them with their identification. We do not share their names or any other personal information with third parties. We utilize your IP address, which you voluntarily provided to us, in the activities.

Transfer Of Personal Information

Only when a payment transaction is involved may we divulge your personal information to a third party. These third parties solely have a contractual relationship with us in order to provide services for payment.

In addition, we create sponsored content using the range provided by the third party. We might ask for your personal information in exchange for this. You might provide those third parties access to your personal information when you access sponsored content. We may effectively control this data along with the third party. Don’t visit the sponsored site if you don’t want to give them access to your data.

Data Storage

As long as it’s necessary to comply with any legal requirements, we’ll retain your information on file. Then, we’ll keep your information so we can keep providing you with our services. You won’t be able to access any offers or services through your account if you wish to deactivate or delete it.

Your personal information will be used and stored by us to comply with legal requirements. Your information may also be preserved in backup copies that we make.


We keep track of visitors’ preferences and information using cookies. Having a thorough record of what people view, access, and how frequently they visit our sites is the goal of this.

A cookie is a tiny file that a server sends to your browser and stores there. Many browsers prevent the receipt of cookies, but doing so prevents access to every page on the website and may prevent you from finding all the information you’re looking for. However, if you provide us with personal information, we might link the data that was automatically gathered to you.

Ad Servers

To offer adverts based on online activity, we employ a third party. This is done to collect personally identifiable information and run online surveys. Additionally, third parties might send you emails using some tracking technology. Information that is directly obtained from you by a third party is not covered by this privacy statement.

There are links on our web pages that go to third-party websites whose privacy practices differ from ours. Therefore, you can get in touch with them to learn more about their privacy policies.

Policy Amendment

We periodically update our policy to inform you of any changes and to keep you informed of new services and promotions. We update our website as we make changes to our privacy policy.


Use the phone number (+1(323)518-6999) or email ( to get in touch with us if you still need additional details about our rules.